The Fruit and Vegetable Market is packed full of great food

Come and see our wholesalers and catering suppliers and select from their world-leading range of fresh fruit and vegetable, as well as an ever-expanding portfolio of fine food and drink.

Loved by London, supplied by us
Loved by London, supplied by us

Opening times and location

Serve tastier food

Great food needs great ingredients

Every night our market fills up with fruit and veg that’s just rolled off the world’s best farms. If you want to cook the tastiest food in London, you’ll need to use the best ingredients. It’s no coincidence that our wholesale fruit and veg suppliers serve 20/20 of London’s top restaurants.

Get delivery or buy in person

Handpick your fruit and veg or have our pros cherry-pick and deliver

Have your wish list delivered while you focus on the other things you need to do. Or explore the Fruit and Veg Market for yourself and get closer to the flavours. How do you like to buy incredible produce?

Delivery times you want

Our clocks are set to you

It’s simple really. Our fruit and veg suppliers deliver to your kitchen or shop at the time that you want. They plan around you.

Multiple deliveries, all day long

When life doesn’t give you lemons

We’re in central London so we’re never far away from you. Twelve lemons short at 3pm? No problem. You’ll have that sold-out lemon tart back on the menu for tonight.

British and seasonal produce

Change your menu with the seasons

Is being hyper-local key for you? If it’s in season we’ve got it on the Fruit and Veg Market, often picked just hours ago. Our fruit and veg wholesalers will have the first of the season too, so you’ll get it before everyone else. Super fresh and seasonal makes everything look, smell, taste and last better.

Exotic and unusual fruit and veg

Put the world on your plate

Taste the Thai sun in every bite of mango. See the deepest reds in our Sicilian blood oranges. Experience kaffir limes, coral fungus and Rosa di Friuli. We bring the world’s best farms and unique flavours to your doorstep so you can cook truly authentic dishes.

Prepared produce

Spend your time cooking not peeling

Peeling potatoes, dicing onions and chopping carrots. Leave all that to us and you can spend more time doing the things you love. Save kitchen space and staff costs too. Wouldn’t you rather be turning over covers than turning potatoes?

Hundreds of years of knowledge

Tap into the biggest fresh produce brain in Britain

Knowledge and experience are a delicious combination. What our wholesalers don’t know about fruit and veg isn’t worth knowing. We’ll say it, they know their Calçots. All that knowledge is yours to use, to help you make better buying decisions.

Sustainable and accredited

You promise the earth, we’ll deliver it

Your customers care more than ever about where their food is coming from. With our Red Tractor certified wholesalers and zero-waste-to-landfill promise, you’ll know exactly where your food’s been. That’s one less thing to worry about.

A supplier for everyone

We cater to every budget

20/20 best restaurants in London buy from us and we’re pretty proud of that. But we’re not just Michelin-starred restaurant suppliers: our wholesale fruit and veg suppliers serve food businesses of all shapes and sizes. And we’ll know just the one for you.

We’re behind London’s great chefs

From Michelin-starred restaurants to family-run cafés, to food stalls, schools and hospitals. Businesses love New Covent Garden Market.

See what's in the Market today

British seasonal calendar

Cook with the times using our British seasonal calendar to motivate your menus. Good food never goes out of season.

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