Buy in person or get deliveries to your door

Handselect the most beautiful flowers from the Flower Market or sit back and let your flowers, foliage or sundries come to you.

Buying in person

Use all your senses when you choose the freshest flowers from our smile-producing wholesalers. Every morning, deliveries of flowers, plants and foliage pour in from around the world. British flowers come in on Mondays and Thursdays; get here early to grab the best.

Opening times

The Flower Market is open from around 04:00 - 10:00, Monday to Saturday. Most wholesalers close at 10:00 but some, mainly our plant and sundries wholesalers, are open till 12:00. We’re closed on Sundays and bank holidays.

The opening times of our wholesalers may vary, so if there’s someone you really want to see, best to check with them before coming down.

If visiting the market, you are encouraged to wear a face mask or covering in crowded or enclosed spaces, maintain a safe social distance (particularly indoors), and wash or sanitise your hands before entering.

Getting here

You can enter the Flower Market with both commercial vehicles (vans) and private vehicles (cars).

If you have a permit, simply drive in. If you don’t have a permit, pull a ticket at the barriers and pay at one of the pay stations before leaving. There are two parking floors in the Flower Market – cars and smaller vans must park on the top level, large vans on the lower level.

You can see our parking and permit prices by going to our Visit page.

Volumes and pricing

Flowers are sold in bulk; they come in wraps or boxes. The number of stems in a wrap depends on the variety. Foliage is sold by the bunch, smaller plants are sold by the tray, and large items like trees or vases can be sold individually.

Most wholesalers don’t display the price as it changes according to supply and demand. You’ll need to ask the salesman for the price. And remember the number he tells you won't include VAT. Ask around to compare prices, and consider the quality, variety, stem length and number of stems in a wrap.


Cash is still king in the Flower Market, but a lot of our wholesalers do take cards too. Only a few VIP customers can pay on account.

Share the load

If you need help getting your purchases to your vehicle then ask the salesman who will arrange for a porter to help. Don’t forget to tip.

Hot drinks and butties

Early mornings aren’t always easy. We get that. Good thing there’s a cosy café (that’s not chilled) at the centre of the Flower Market serving hot food and drinks to keep you going.

Can anyone buy from the Flower Market?

We’re a wholesale trade market serving London’s busy florists and businesses. If you’re a member of the public, we always recommend visiting your local florist or street market to buy your flowers. There are so many amazing ones to support, including florists with workshops at the Flower Market.

But we know the Flower Market is a pretty special place. Something to be seen. If you’d like to come and have a look around, it's best to come later on in the morning towards the end of trading.

Delivery to your business

Can’t make it to the market or need to save a few precious hours? Many of our wholesalers run daily deliveries across London. Speak to your wholesaler to place an order and find out their delivery areas and costs.

A few wholesalers will also deliver to anywhere in the UK, with a few days’ notice. Get in touch with one of the following to place your order: Zest Flowers (for flowers), Porters Foliage (for foliage), C Best (for sundries).

Still have questions?

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