Winner Profile: Dennis Edwards Flowers - Wholesaler of the Year 2014

Written by Alastair Owen
November 21, 2014

Congratulations to Dennis Edwards Flowers who won the Flower Market Award for Wholesaler of the Year 2014!

All in a Year's Work

When Dennis Edwards set up Dennis Edwards Flowers just 24 months ago, he brought with him a lifetime of experience of the flower industry. He also brought with him customers who devotedly followed him and lured in new business, new start-ups.

Dennis at Dennis Edwards Flowers

Dennis is quick to point out that he is not a one man band: "My name is up there," he says indicating the stand sign, "but I've got a good team: Eddie and Sonny on the stand and Jackie in the office. We all work very hard, because we enjoy it and we love being here." And it shows.

Dennis and Eddie at Dennis Edwards Flowers

Now for something different…

In just 2 years, turnover has rocketed from zero to £4m supported by his supplier, Wouter of Ed de Groot.

"Wouter loves flowers, and that really comes across," says Dennis.
"He will look out for unusual things for us to try out – things I haven't ordered but that he thinks I'll like. We've built up a really good trade in Malaysian orchids and David Austin Roses that way…and Columbian roses and Columbian hydrangeas."

Patience Roses

Perhaps surprisingly for a fresh cut flower seller, Dennis Edwards Flowers are doing great business with freeze-dried roses for designs that need to last for months such as large rose domes or door wreaths or, as Dennis adds,

"for tight husbands who want their wife’s bouquet to last a year!"

Eddie at Dennis Edwards Flowers

From establishment to start-ups…

Being willing to offer his customers something they never knew they wanted is clearly the icing on the cake for florists. What they particularly value is that they can trust Dennis to always deliver. The top names in London floristry were effusive in their praise as they voted, including Royal event florist, Shane Connolly:

"Quite simply because Dennis has never let me down in 20 years of working together. He ALWAYS finds a solution!"

Eddie at Dennis Edwards Flowers

Display at Dennis Edwards Flowers

Dennis and his team take new florists under their wing too. Becky Bishop of new start-up Bishop and Dafe is a fan. She tells how visiting the Dennis Edwards Flowers stand was:

"a big turning point in our business. Service was quick and informative. Flowers of perfect quality and such a variety. Dennis even bought us flower books so we could learn the names of flowers. It was clear that come to Covent save us a large amount of time and money. I can drive to London, be served and drive home again quicker than going to my local wholesaler. Amazing!"

Now, even before they have had time to create a website, Bishop & Dafe have completed over 100 weddings in their first full season!

Winning the Flower Market Award for Wholesaler of the Year for a second consecutive year is a fitting recognition for this Flower Market legend – or, as Dennis pronounces it - LEG-END!

Dennis, Eddie and Sonny at Dennis Edwards Flowers


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