Stories from the market - Art Night at the Flower Market

Written by Charlotte Cowling
February 13, 2019

Our third Stories from the market film shows the magical transformation of the Flower Market for Art Night.

This film takes us back to last summer when Art Night came to the Flower Market, transforming the space into a unique stage for a spectacular and rare performance. The event, on 7 July, attracted thousands of people from all over London, and saw a series of art project displays take over the trail from the Southbank Centre to Battersea Station.

Canadian artist Tamara Henderson's arresting, visceral installations were showcased over the course of a night, with the Flower Market acting as her canvas for inspiration. The construction of her pieces came from materials all found inside the market, imaginatively fusing flowers and plants with art, and breathing character into the space in new and unseen ways.

This was an opportunity to introduce the market to a different audience, as well as re-position its context to those already familiar with the space. Watch the film to hear from wholesalers, the curator and members of the public as we showcase one of Nine Elms most iconic landmarks after dark.

Art Night

Art Night is a free contemporary arts festival that puts art into extraordinary locations around London for one night a year, with the main festival curated by the Hayward Gallery.


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