Redevelopment News - December 2019

Written by Garin Auld
December 19, 2019

The latest news from the redevelopment at New Covent Garden Market. This month's issue sees the first of the new units handed over from our redevelopment partner.

Tony Oreilly Nick Harrington

Phase One units completed

It’s been a busy month for redevelopment at the market, with our development partner Vinci St. Modwen delivering the first of the new fruit and vegetable units. The West Block (A1) was handed to us on Monday 25 November, on time and ready for occupation. Pictured above are Tony O’Reilly, Covent Garden Market Authority Project Director (left), with Nick Harrington, Vinci St Modwen’s Senior Construction Manager.

The two new buildings cover 69,300 sq. ft. (6,438 sq. m) and are designed to house 18 market wholesale businesses in state-of-the-art facilities. They form the first sections of the new western and central blocks of the market.

Rob Williams, Senior Director of Construction at St. Modwen, said: “This is a complex project and congratulations to the team on site and VINCI for delivering this high-quality environment on time and ensuring the market continues to trade throughout. We look forward to the next phases and continuing our partnership with the Covent Garden Market Authority.”

Tony O’Reilly, Project Director of Covent Garden Market Authority said: “It is the result of strong partnerships and effective team work that this first phase of the redevelopment of the Fruit and Vegetable Market has been delivered. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners to build a market fit for the 21st century.”


If you are one of the Phase One tenants who have chosen not to accept our offer of space in the new market and are having second thoughts, we would strongly recommend that you speak to us as soon as possible.

If your business is not in Phase One and you interested in leasing additional space, please get in touch with Sean McVeigh ( or Michael Sharkey ( in our Property team.

New Single Unit


Meetings to discuss Phase Two units are underway and we encourage Phase Two tenants to get in touch with Tony Carter ( or Sean McVeigh ( as early as possible to discuss any queries or concerns you may have, so that we can address them if reasonably possible.


Jo Breare, Operations Director, answered a number of common queries in the August and September issues of Redevelopment News. Questions included condensation, power supply, ceilings, width of units, strength of the hardstanding, timed deliveries, Buyers’ Walk, Sunday Market and in-rack sprinklers. If you missed that edition or would like another copy please visit the CGMA office on the third floor of the Food Exchange where we can give you a copy, or contact Garin Auld ( for a digital version.

Works Former Flower Market

Works on the old Flower Market site

Vehicles that are exiting the market onto Wandsworth Road, are currently being diverted through the right-hand railway tunnel. This is to enable R&F Properties to safely construct a four-storey high temporary building on the grass verge on their land on the other side of the railway tunnels, shown in red above. It will accommodate their construction team and workforce for approximately two years. This is ongoing and the work will continue into the New Year to construct these cabins. We will provide an update when the traffic diversion is due to end.

New Covent Garden Market Map Coach Parking Final

Coach parking on vacant hardstanding

Following November’s completion of the Phase One works on West Block (A1) and Central Block B1, we will be using the available hardstanding for coach parking.

From 1 December for the West Block and 1 January 2020 for the Central Block, coaches will access the site via the main entrance on Nine Elms Lane and will be directed to the new blocks. This will take place between 6am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday. We don’t anticipate any impact on traffic around the site.


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