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Our Valentine Menu

Written by Alastair Owen
February 03, 2011

Need some inspiration for February 14th? We've teamed up with Natoora to come up with this amazingly fresh and delicious menu – all made with the best seasonal produce.


Purple Sprouting Broccoli with soft boiled quails eggs:

When the frosty weather clears, we can welcome back our favourite type of broccoli with these gorgeous quail eggs from Moen and Sons butchers. A perfectly sophisticated starter…


Roast quail on couscous with roasted red peppers, chantenay carrots and pomegranate seeds garnished with purple shiso micro leaves:

Making the most of British Chantenay carrots and their lovely sweet flavour in this gourmet main course. The lightly gamey roasted quail is the perfect match…


Rhubarb baked with cardamom with hazelnut ice-cream:

English forced Rhubarb is the best there is and now in season it is the best time to enjoy them. Zingy and bright pink – what more could you want in a Valentine’s dessert?

Cheese Board

Ragstone goats cheese from Herefordshire with Millers Damsels sourdough wafers and russet apples:

The perfect end to a Romantic meal…

[source: The Natoora Blog]

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