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12 Days of New Covent Garden Market – Day 1, First Choice Produce

Written by NCGM
December 01, 2020

Profiling First Choice Produce - Day 1 of our Instagram campaign, '12 Days of New Covent Garden Market Giveway.'

Each day, from 1st - 12th December, we’ll be giving you the chance to win a home delivery box from twelve of the thirty-two companies offering home delivery at the market.

Make sure you check out our Instagram each day at @marketfood for the chance to win!

On the 1st day of our New Covent Garden Market Giveaway, the prize is fresh produce and fine foods box from First Choice Produce.

First Choice Produce are purveyors of fresh produce and specialty fine foods.

Browse their treasure trove website to order, or call them direct 020 7498 0550

First Choice Box

(First Choice Produce seasonal box).

They supply both restaurants, such as The Nut Tree Inn and Duck and Waffle, and London’s homes with the finest fresh food and ingredients.

Dan McCollough has a highly skilled team that work alongside his head office, Ron Maxfield (a former Michelin chef), Daniel Jerome, Sales Director and Chloe Cleverley, Head of Sales. These people are serious epicureans.

We spoke to Dan and Chloe about their home deliveries.

Cgm Individuals 537

(Dan McCollough, Managing Director, First Choice Produce).

Tell us about your seasonal produce. Are there any festive products or produce that you would like to highlight?

All of the items in our boxes have been tried and tested by chefs before being put on the website – most have awards and accolades of their own. We mainly work with Local, artisan producers, who share the same passions as we do.

We highly recommend absolutely everything! More specifically though the London Cure Smoked salmon by H. Forman & Son is one of our favourite items and we believe no Christmas morning should happen without it! And how can we not mention our Mona Lisa clementines – nothing is quite as sweet or juicy this time of year.

Cgm Boxes 909

Do you have a nice, uplifting story about your home delivery business and the people behind it?

When lockdown first began in March, we had many elderly people living by themselves unable to use the internet. Fred was one of the many who had telephoned in panic, quite upset and not really knowing where else to turn, with no one to really help him stock up for the weeks ahead.

After having a team briefing, we decided as a company, we needed to help. We couldn’t just say to people, “no sorry, internet orders only,” so we had someone specifically in the office working around the clock for people like Fred, literally doing his shopping for him. Talking him through each product, helping him make sure he had what he needed, and prioritising his order, so that he received it within 2 days. A lot of companies at this time were not even operating a telephone service, so to have someone doing shopping for the elderly over the telephone is definitely something we are proud of here at First Choice.

Cgm Individuals 556

Do you have a testimonial from your customers (or chefs) about the home delivery boxes?

Rated 5.00 out of 5

“I have to say it is such a treat to use First Choice, I have just received my delivery this morning after ordering the day before yesterday and was so impressed with the freshness of everything. I am so glad I found you guys.”

Maria Sharpes

Anything else you would like to share?

Only that once the restaurants start picking up, we will of course keep home deliveries going. This service is now very much a part of who we are.

Author: Meg Morrison


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