A guide to buying in person on the wholesale market

Written by NCGM
March 23, 2020

A helpful guide on how to buy in person at the Fruit and Veg Market.

Getting Here

Information on visiting the market here

Download a map of the market here.

The Fruit and Veg Market is open from 11pm to 6am. Please use postcode SW8 5BH to navigate to the market. Members of the public are currently not permitted at the Flower Market, it is only for wholesale trade at this time. If you are a trade customer please contact your wholesaler directly before visiting the market.

If you’re coming to the market in a vehicle, pay £5 at the entrance barrier when you drive in which covers your parking for up to three hours.

Buying in the Fruit and Vegetable Market

Face-to-face buying is done in person with the wholesalers on Buyers Walk.

Each wholesaler’s name is clearly marked above their temperature-controlled units on Buyer’s Walk. Salesmen stand behind desks at the front of the unit. They will tell you prices and help you find what you are looking for. Produce for sale is on display in front, while stock is stored in cold store, dry store or ripening room.

Be choosy!

Produce is sold in bulk by the tray, box or sack. You are expected to choose what you buy carefully, inspecting produce on display and in the warehouse. Prices aren’t displayed because they change according to supply and demand, so you’ll need to ask a salesman for the price. Once you’ve chosen, tell the salesman what you want and he’ll write up a ticket for you – a percentage of the total will be added for porterage. Take your ticket to the sales office to pay by cash, though some companies offer payment by card. You can then pick your own order to carry to your vehicle, or ask a porter to help.

Find a wholesaler

Here is a list of wholesalers on Buyers Walk and the produce they specialise in. You will need to refine by 'Fruit and Veg Wholesaler' and 'No delivery.' Click on the links to get contact details. Please do phone them, between 10pm and 6am, if you want to order in advance for collection, or just for some friendly advice.


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