Face masks encouraged in crowded or enclosed spaces at the market

Written by NCGM
July 19, 2021

From Monday 19 July, face coverings are no longer legally required, however visitors to the Fruit & Vegetable Market and the Flower Market are encouraged to continue to wear a face mask or covering in crowded or enclosed spaces.

In line with government guidance, we would encourage visitors to the market to continue to:

  • Wear a face mask or covering when you are in a crowded or enclosed space (e.g. the market cafes, lifts, toilets and kitchen areas)
  • Minimise the number of people you are in close contact with and maintain a safe social distance, particularly indoors
  • Wash or sanitise your hands regularly.

While these measures are no longer legally required, we would encourage you to follow this guidance to protect yourself and those around you.


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