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Day 6: British Food Fortnight! Q&A with Hannah Turner, S. Thorogood & Sons.

Written by NCGM
September 24, 2020

Why squashes light up chef’s plates!

Authentically farm-to-fork, S. Thorogood & Sons wholesalers grow and sell top quality British produce with the upmost care and expertise.

Contact them to discuss wholesale fruit & vegetables; or their sister company, Classic Fresh Foods, supplying restaurants and homes with fresh produce and other groceries.

The legendary Andrew Thorogood was having a well-deserved break, so we caught up with fresh produce expert and Marketing Manager, Hannah Turner.


(Image: Hannah Turner, Marketing Manager and Marc Osborne, Manager, Thorogood & Sons).

Why should the foodservice industry and the public buy British?

"Fundamentally, buying British produce means you are supporting British farmers and getting the freshest produce possible as its journey has been minimal. A lot of the produce we supply is with us within 24-48 hours of being picked. It’s that fresh."

What types of British produce are popular over harvest time? What's incredible right now?

"Squashes. They are beautiful: Crown Prince, Spaghetti Squash, Harlequin, Munchkin, Blaze, Onion. Stunning!

Also, brassicas and root vegetables including beautiful rainbow carrots and Cavolo Nero."

Ncgm British Food Fortnight Squashes In Hands

(Image: Bedlam Farms Organic squash).

Do you have an interesting, fun fact or statistic about a particular product that is now in season?

"Two amazing new organic squash lines, Baked Potato Squash (pink skin) Mashed Potato Squash (white skin) both are easy to prepare and totally delicious."

Tell us a great fact about your business.

"As a family business, we have been growing and selling British fresh produce since 1922!"

Have you seen an increase in the sales of British produce?

"Our farms and affiliated growers produce over 100 vegetable varietals throughout the year, with a commitment to seasonal produce, keeping your tastebuds inspired. Our British produce sells very well."

In regard to British produce and sustainability, can you give an example of how your company is sustainable?

"We buy as much as possible from responsible, sustainable British farmers we have close relationships with. We grow to demand, so waste is not really an issue."

Ncgm Tom Moggach 142

(Image: Seasonal vegetables at Thorogood & Sons).

Can you give us information about a UK fruit or vegetable grower?

"Bedlam Farms Organic, was born out of two family-owned farming companies – M.F.Martin Ltd and Bedlam Farms. Four generations at both companies have been at the forefront of farming in the Cambridgeshire Fens.

In 2006 Clive Martin made the decision to convert one-third of the farm into specialist organic vegetable production, including asparagus, Globe artichokes and tender-stem broccoli."

Ncgm British Food Fortnight Clive Martin

(Image: Clive Martin, Bedlam Farms Organic).

"The farm has a wide range of soil types which enables them to match the crops with the conditions they prefer. Bedlam value and nurture their soils to produce healthy and well-fed plants which have good resistance to pests and disease."

Ncgm British Food Fortnight Assortment Of Squashes

(Image: Bedlam Farms Organic, assortment of squashes).

"Bedlam Farms Organic is committed to caring for and enhancing the environment. They are members of the Higher-Level Stewardship and the Organic Entry Level Stewardship Schemes and are a LEAF marque registered farm. They also belong to the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme and hold assurance certificates relevant to all retail customers."

Ncgm British Food Fortnight Squashes Field

(Image: Clive Martin, Bedlam Farms Organic).

Author: Megan Morrison.

Photographer: Tom Moggach. Ask permission to regram/use.

If you have any questions, email or call 02077202211 and ask for Meg or Cassie. We are here to help.

Ncgm Tom Moggach 158

(Image: Jo O'Brien, Porter, Thorogood & Sons).


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