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Day 4: British Food Fortnight – Q&A with Tim Garrett, the European Salad Company.

Written by NCGM
September 22, 2020

Meet the man that supplies British salad to London’s top chefs.

To celebrate British Food Fortnight, we spoke to Tim Garrett, Director of the European Salad Company.

The European Salad Company is a leading fruit and vegetable wholesaler. They offer the finest fresh ingredients sourced direct from the UK, Paris and Milan, plus quality dry, tinned and frozen goods, including Boiron fruit purees.

Ncgm British Food Fortnight Salads Tim Garrett

Image: Tim Garrett, Director, European Salad Company.

1. Why should the food service industry and the public buy British?

“We specialise in European produce, but the demand for British produce has grown substantially due to its quality. In buying British, people support our rural economies and highly skilled, hardworking farmers. Buying British keeps our countryside diverse and beautiful.”

2. What types of British produce is popular over harvest time? What's incredible right now?

“We have some fantastic rainbow chard, Savoy cabbages and British Lolo Rossa lettuce, stunning.”

3. Do you have an interesting/fun fact or statistic about a particular product that is now in season?

“Lolo Rossa and Lolo Biondi lettuce was first cultivated by the Egyptians and used as a medicinal cure for tummy aches. Eat your way to health!”

Img 8197 Copy

Image: Rainbow Chard, European Salad Company.

4. Tell us a great fact about your business.

“I love what I do. I have worked in European Salads for 14 years and in the market for over 25 years, specialising in fresh produce. Honesty and straightforwardness are central to our business.

Every day, I get to work with my son Bradley and the expert team, Nick and Jackie Griffin, Gaelle Purdue and Tessa Knowles. They are based in the UK, Milan, Rungis Market in Paris and Brittany. They have grown strong relationships with growers in the UK and internationally and I couldn’t be without them.”

Tim And Son

Image: Tim and Bradley Garrett.

5. Which types of businesses you supply buy British?

“I am from the restaurant trade. I used to work for the Roux Brothers and moved into wholesaling thereafter. The chefs of London are passionate about British produce. I am proud to supply London’s hospitality industry with fresh produce, plus quality dry, tinned and frozen goods, including Boiron fruit purees.”

6. Have you seen an increase in the sales of British produce?

“Yes. We used to predominantly buy French lettuce, but over the last 4-5 years we have started buying the majority of salad leaves from the UK. The UK now grows a vast variety at competitive prices. British is what UK customers want!”

7. In regard to British produce, can you give an example of how your company is sustainable?

“We buy salad predominantly from British farmers, lowering food miles and supporting our British economy.“

Ncgm Tom Moggach 201

Image: Valentin Timaru – Loader, European Salad Company.

8. Can you provide information about a grower you are passionate about?

“D & J Hayward Growers is a family run farm business in Landford, operating over three generations so far. They grow grade one leafy salad and vegetable crops which they supply to New Covent Garden Market, the catering trade, vegetable brokers and local retail outlets.

Their aim is to produce a grade one product, harvested, packed and dispatched within 12 hours. They pride themselves on producing quality crops, using a balance of traditional farming techniques and modern technology, with the minimum amount of chemical intervention, whilst meeting the ever-changing needs of our consumers.

They produce, Lolo Rossa, Lolo Biondi, Savoy Cabbages, Raddichio, Rainbow Chard to name a few!”

(We will be profiling D & J Hayward Growers soon!)

Ncgm British Food Fortnight Salads Dj Hayward Crop In Field

Image: D & J Hayward Growers.

Author: Meg Morrison. Photographer: Tom Moggach.

If you have any questions, email or call 02077202211 and ask for Meg or Cassie. We are here to help.


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