Christmas Preview Photo Competition

Written by Alastair Owen
October 28, 2010

Did you take any photos at the Christmas Preivew? If so, upload them to our website and you could win £50 to spend in the Flower Market.

If you took any photos during our Christmas Preview then come and upload them to our forum here.

We'll then have the tough task of choosing the best photo and the winning photographer will win £50 to spend in the Flower Market. The deadline for entry is Friday 5th November 2010.

There's no specifc criteria for the photo. The only rule is that it must have been taken in the Flower Market on Wednesday 20th October during our Christmas Preview event.

So that means it can be a shot of people, designs, product... even mince pies! Just something that captures the spirit of the morning.

If you have any questions please contact our Communications Team on 020 7501 3495 or email

Good luck!


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