The British Stocks Gallery – designs by Pinstripes & Peonies

Written by Alastair Owen
June 19, 2013

We asked London event florist and Flower Market devotee, Pinstripes & Peonies, to create a few sample designs for British Flowers Week using his favourite British-grown flowers: stocks.

Pinstirpes & Peonies - Ruari tweaking design

As well as being knocked for six by the richly scented flowers, we were bowled over by the purity of the colours and how effective stocks are when used on their own in a design.

"Stocks are a fantastic British summer flower to use: their perfume is just delicious and the range of colours makes them so easy to use for all sorts of jobs," says Ruari McCulloch of Pinstripes & Peonies.

"I often use stocks as the only flower. Sometimes simple is the best way. You can use them en masse in big urns either mixed colours or singly. You can use them hand-tied for the perfect scented bouquets or in striking vases for larger areas. We used white British-grown stocks in vast white vases for a party at the Hurlingham Club recently and they looked amazing."

Stock Drama

A striking, dramatic contrast of an expanse of pure white vase and vibrant pink and red stocks.

Pinstripes & Peonies Design

White stocks, purple vase

The pure white of scented stocks against a deep purple goldfish bowl – perfect for a summer party, an entrance hall or office.

Pinstripes and Peonies - white stocks purple bowl

Lilac, scented hand tie

This soft lilac hand tied bouquet of scented summer British stocks shows the soft, natural beauty of the flowers to perfection. Simple, stunning, stocks.

Pinstripes and Peonies - figure and lilac bouquet

Pinstripes and Peonies - lilac stock bouquet

We would love to hear your thoughts on Pinstripes & Peonies' pure and simple creations for British Flowers Week. If you have any comments, just write them in the box below…


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