A new concept in foodservice for a new era

Written by Garin Auld
September 08, 2020

New Covent Garden Market wholesalers Premier Fruits and Premier Foods Service Provider have joined forces with Absolute Taste and Absolute Taste Foods to create a new business, called The Menu Partners.

Absolute Taste and The Premier Group announced on 1st September their new business venture, The Menu Partners, designed to be the new leading food sourcing, procurement and distribution partner to hotels, pubs and restaurants across the UK.

The Absolute Taste Group and The Premier Group will combine all assets, trading activities and resources to create one food-related business. The Menu Partners will be led by the Premier Group’s founder Jason Tanner, and Absolute Taste’s Nigel Harris, who have already worked closely together for a number of years.

The Menu Partners

“Our new business offers the finest fresh fruit and veg, fresh meat, fresh fish, alongside fresh bakery goods and dairy produce,” says Jason. “We’ll offer our customers a choice of how they’d like their products, supplied either whole and ready to prepare, fully prepared or fully cooked.”

Premier Fruits wholesale is already a partner for the Absolute Group’s retail shops of Wykham Park, Eagles of Deddington, Roadside and The Muddy Duck providing supplies and supporting them throughout the high-demand from consumers due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

Jason adds that The Menu Partners consolidated delivery solution has been created as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the fact that customers now want very different products and volumes to what was previously required to supply the hospitality sector.

Premier Fruits Wholesale will oversee the new company’s wholesale activities, while Absolute Taste will oversee the hospitality part of the new business. The Menu Partners’ facilities will remain in their present location of New Covent Garden Market, Brighton and Bicester. Work to add significant capacity to the Bicester operation will create further space for fresh, frozen and ambient warehousing.

Nigel commented on the new partnership, explaining how The Menu Partners has been an idea he and Jason have been contemplating for the last year. "With the current situation we find ourselves in, we feel this is the perfect time to look at the future of foodservice," says Nigel. "Chefs don’t have time to manage a huge number of suppliers and The Menu Partners takes that away from them, providing them with a consolidated solution and a streamlined ordering process."

Jason adds: “It’s a massive move and the right move, representing the two best teams in food coming together, during the toughest of times. We’re building an amazing company for the future.”


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