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4 steps to selling more fruit and veg

Written by Alastair Owen
October 16, 2017

Would you like to sell more fruit and veg? We can help.

At New Covent Garden Market we help thousands of businesses across London and beyond sell more fruit and veg every single day. How? Let us show you.

Here we give you 4 top tips to selling more fruit and veg.

1. Expand your range

Set yourself apart from competition. Get the best quality produce from the UK, France, Spain, Italy and across the world only at New Covent Garden Market.

Fruit And Vegetable Market Report August 2015 Rainbow Chard

2. Buy fresher, tastier produce

Produce doesn't hang around in New Covent Garden Market. Fresher means longer-lasting, which is good for you and your customers.

Fruit And Vegetable Market Report September 2015 Blackberries

3. Put on a show

The more you put on show, the more you'll sell. We're the biggest wholesale fruit, veg and flower market in the UK so you won't find a better selection anywhere else. Let us show you round.

Fruit And Vegetable Market Report September 2016 Display French Garden

4. Work the seasons

Every season we have something new, something exciting. Shop the seasons to get the best prices.

Fruit And Veg Product Profile November 2015 Purple Sprouts

Start selling more fruit and veg now.

We'll give you a free tour, free breakfast and free entry. Simply sign up here to get started.

Offer is until 5 November 2017 and for commercial vehicles only.



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