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12 Days of New Covent Garden Market - Day 9, Swig Wine

Written by NCGM
December 09, 2020

Profiling Swig Wine - Day 9 of our Instagram campaign '12 Days of New Covent Garden Market Giveway.'

Each day, we’ll be giving you the chance to win a home delivery box from twelve of thirty-two companies offering home delivery at the market.

Make sure you check out our Instagram each day at @marketfood for the chance to win! Competition for all days remain open until midnight 14.12.20.

On the 9th day of our New Covent Garden Market Giveaway, there is the chance to win a Swig Wine home delivery box, filled with a selection of the wine merchant’s favourite bottles.

Swig Wine are on a mission to discover amazing wines made by amazing people in amazing places. Above everything they love wine and are here to help – visit their incredible online shop, or call them for suggestions 0208 995 7060.

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We spoke to Hector Lund, Private Client Sales about Swig Wine:

Can you tell us about your home deliveries and trade business customers?

We supply both individuals with home deliveries and trade throughout the UK. Some of our trade customers include fantastic hospitality businesses, such as:

Henrietta Hotel, Leroy, Blacklock, Vinoteca, Chez Bruce, Pollen Street Social, Gymkhana, Rick Stein, Spring, The Harwood Arms, Vagabond and The Hand and Flowers.

Do you have and recommendations? Any wines that are particularly special to you at this time of year?

Blank Bottle - Part William Blake, part Dr Frankenstein, part winemaking lunatic motoring around the Western Cape on a fevered hunt for the next special vineyard plot, Pieter Walser epitomises the new wave South African movement. Dynamic, inventive, self-reliant and, above all, an instinctively brilliant winemaker, he produces an endlessly inventive and varied range of small-batch wines with own-design labels to match.

TesselaarsdalTesselaardal is a producer with a unique history and story. Made by Berene Sauls, her wines are named after the small village of Tesselaarsdal which is named after East India Company settler Johannes Tesselar. On his death in 1810, he bestowed the land to his freed slaves and owner/winemaker Berene herself is a descendant on one of those very slaves. If you look closely at the label, you can make out two people walking across the mountain. This is Berene and her grandmother. Berene has in fact worked at Hamilton Russell for the last 16 years, having started as an au pair, before moving in to the admin office and then becoming fascinated by the winemaking process.

Champagne Collard-Picard Cuvee Prestige Brut - We love to find wines that punch above their weight, and one of our greatest ever finds is this Champagne from a small family-run house called Collard-Picard.

The wine critic Victoria Moore wrote "Collard-Picard Prestige pauses the world, a sip is a proper sliver of luxury". Some of our customers have put it in blind tastings against the famous, £140/bottle, Champagne Krug, and found their wine collecting friends preferred the Collard-Picard.

AA Badenhorst Caperitif Kaapse Dief #9 - By the end of the 20th century, Caperitif had become a ghost ingredient in classic cocktail recipes. What was this mysterious ‘Cape Aperitif’ that was referenced in that classic cocktail bible from the late 1800’s, the Savoy Cocktail Book? This question asked by an adventurous Danish mixologist lead to a meeting with a maverick South African winemaker and the rebirth of South Africa’s once-famous vermouth. Caperitif is handcrafted by infusing Chenin Blanc with the flavours and aromas of some 35 natural botanicals, many of which are unique to the insane biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Cgm Individuals 586

Hector Lund, Swig Wine.

Do you have a nice, uplifting story about the people behind Swig Wine ?

Here’s Swig in a nutshell:

The clue is in our name - we are for wine lovers not wine snobs. We’re all about the pleasure of discovering, drinking and sharing great wine. We are on a mission to discover amazing wines made by amazing people in amazing places. Above everything we love wine and are here to help.

Do you have a testimonial you can share?

‘When the first lockdown was announced and Londoners began hoarding loo roll, my partner and I instead turned to our tasting notes and Swig’s home-delivery service. Our social lives may have experienced a drought, but we did not go thirsty. This time around we’ve done the same. These are the rainy days that a good Brunello is saved for.’ — Niki Blasina, FT Globetrotter deputy editor

Swig is a wine company which never fails to keep my palate on its toes and this month’s selection of wines is incredible. Each wine owns its unique aroma and flavour and in every example, they are precise, genuine, intense and, in some cases, completely original. Give yourself a break from 2020’s tedium with this selection of extraordinary wines.’ Matthew Jukes, Money Week

Anything else you would like to share?

We also offer virtual tastings for the bottles we deliver. Here is a testimonial.

"We recently enlisted the help of Hector and the Swig team to provide a wine tasting for a team event. The tasting was the "perfect blend" of information and entertainment. Hector's expertise and knowledge of the wines was impressive and the wines themselves were intriguing and delicious in equal measure. I'd highly recommend Swig to anyone looking to bring some fun and connectivity to a team or client event." Ryan, London

Author, Meg Morrison


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