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12 Days of New Covent Garden Market - Day 6, Mighty Small

Written by NCGM
December 06, 2020

Profiling Mighty Small - Day 6 of our Instagram campaign '12 Days of New Covent Garden Market Giveway.'

Each day, we’ll be giving you the chance to win a home delivery box from twelve of the thirty-two companies offering home delivery at the market.

Make sure you check out our Instagram each day at @marketfood for the chance to win! Competition for all days remains open until midnight 14.12.20.

On the 6th day of our New Covent Garden Market Giveaway, there is the chance to win a Mighty Christmas Mystery Box, filled with a selection of snacks, treats and drinks from cool British start-ups.

Mighty Small is the supermarket of small brands, delivering foodie gifts, hampers, food and drink nationwide. Go to their website to order.

Cgm Boxes 982 Might Small Logo

We spoke to Giles Moody, Mighty Small’s Business Manager, about their online supermarket:

Who are your main customer base at Mighty Small?

Our customers are based all across the country. Since launching at the start of lockdown we've sent Mighty Small bundles to thousands. Our customers can 'pick and mix' items, or choose one of our ready-made bundles, curated for every occasion. For example we have a 'Thinking of You' bundle, a 'Working from Home' bundle, and a 'Netflix Night In' bundle, all tailor made for the occasion!

Our actual customers are those that love trying new, novel and disruptive food & drink products, and want to discover new favourites as we are always looking to supply the latest innovations in food and drink.

We have also grown our corporate customer base and helped businesses with engaging and treating their teams, especially whilst working remotely at a time when that is so important. We've had some fantastic feedback from the happiness this has brought team members and it's something we are proud to continue to focus on and grow. We've sent teams from 10 to 1,000+ Mighty Small bundles!


Any festive seasonal produce in your boxes, or bundles that are particularly special?

Our 'Jingle Ballers' are a product by Doisy & Dam (also Food Exchange tenants!). They are a Christmas special that uses single-origin 70% dark chocolate, palm oil-free, made with only natural ingredients and from sustainably sourced cocoa.

Otherwise, our 'Christmas Mystery Box' is our star product this year, with a mystery selection of our best selling products, available with options to suit different diets (classic, vegan or gluten free). We are very proud to donate a meal with every box purchased to those in need this Christmas through the fantastic charity FoodCycle (also Food Exchange tenants!)

Do you have a nice, uplifting story about your home delivery business and the people behind it?

We love that we partner with FoodCycle. As well as the above, customers can optionally choose to donate at the checkout, and we've raised over £500 so far. We also donate any short shelf-life stock to their parcel send-outs to avoid waste and ensure they are given to a deserving person.

One of the main reasons we launched Mighty Small was also to give the start-up food & drink businesses a lifeline at the start of COVID. As supermarkets, online, retail shops and the general food industry were so distributed, we wanted to create a way for small brands to reach consumers; focused exclusively on championing small businesses.


(Giles Moody, supporting small brands with their access to market).

Do you have testimonials from your customers about the home delivery boxes?

We've got lots of fantastic testimonials here - over 170 of them! - - I'd recommend scrolling through and picking some, but some personal favourites include...

"Not Mighty... Monumental! Service and delivery awsome. Brilliant customer service"

"Really happy with the products and even happier with the fab service"

"I would definitely use this site again. I was looking for Mallow & Marsh but ended up buying loads, including some Christmas gifts. Fabulous!"

"Great selection of snacks if not the best in the UK."

"I bought the working from home box for my daughter- she loved it. Full of lovely goodies and a really good selection. I would highly recommend."

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Author, Meg Morrison


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