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12 Days of New Covent Garden Market – Day 11, The Pure Package

Written by NCGM
December 11, 2020

Profiling The Pure Package - Day 11 of our Instagram campaign '12 Days of New Covent Garden Market Giveaway.'

Each day, we’ll be giving you the chance to win a home delivery box from twelve of the thirty-two wholesale companies offering home delivery at the market.

Make sure you check out our Instagram each day at @marketfood for the chance to win! Competition, for all days, remains open until midnight 14.12.20.

On the 12th day of our New Covent Garden Market Giveaway, there is the chance to win a weekly meal programme from The Pure Package.

With The Pure Package, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all taken care of and can be tailored to individual needs and tastes each and every day; delivered twice a week to ensure freshness.

Browse their website to order, or call them direct 02077203250

Meal Programme Delivery Image

Above: The Pure Package's weekly meal programme.

We spoke to Eliza Welsford, Head of Marketing and Growth, about their home delivery meal programmes.

Who are your main customers?

We offer healthy, gourmet home delivery. We have The Pure Package clients right across the UK as we deliver nationwide, with a 70:30 ratio of women to men (but men are increasing).

We offer a range of programmes, including Paleo Inspired, Weight Loss, Training Support, Healthy Eating and bespoke plans. Our clients are usually busy senior professionals and high net worth individuals who care about their health and wellness.

Tell us about your ingredients. Are there any festive products or produce that you would like to highlight?

We are so lucky as our kitchens are based in New Covent Garden Market. We can source the very best, freshest fruit and vegetables every day! We strive to ensure all our produce is ethically sourced.

In the words of the founder of The Pure Package, Jennifer Irvine:

“Where your food comes from matters to us as much as taste. Every meal we make for you uses natural, free-range or wild ingredients and we always search out the most ethical producers who share our passion and integrity for fine food and natural produce."

As we offer healthy meal programmes, we usually get very busy directly after Christmas.

In January, we will be launching exciting new ranges to boost health and wellbeing, so look out for those on our website and social channels.

Jennifer Irvine

Above: Jennifer Irvine, The Pure Package Founder.

Do you have a nice, uplifting story about your home delivery business and the people behind it?

I am a trained chef and vegetarian, so I love to eat this way. Eating well is a way of life; you really can feel the difference.

It is incredible the feedback we get from our customers in regard to how eating well makes customers feel about themselves. It is not just about eating to lose weight; it is from a wellness perspective - mental health and feeling good about themselves; that is a big part of what we do!

Anything else you would like to share?

Yes! Please take a look at our website in January for delicious programmes and let’s get healthy together!

Author: Meg Morrison

Photography: David Loftus


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