Trading on Saturday 1 April in current Flower Market

22/02/2017 - 14:10

Some of our wholesalers will now be open on Saturday 1 April in the current Flower Market. Not everyone will be open, so please double check with your wholesaler(s).

We'll be right in the middle of the big move, so do excuse any move mess. But you will be able to come in and buy.

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Hello, I am planning white

Hello, I am planning white flowers in jars for table decorations. I would like white tulips, roses and peonies plus although not in season, white hydrangeas and large white dahlias. Could you please tell me if these will be possible to buy mid April? Should I order before the day or as it will be the week preceding Easter will there be plenty of w hate flowers to choose from? I don't want to miss out on the white flowers as this is the brides theme.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Sally. Although they won't

Hi Sally. Although they won't be in season in mid April, one of our wholesalers will hopefully be able to get hold of imported hydrangeas and dahlias for you. There should be plenty of white flowers available, but I'd recommend ordering in advance to make sure your bride isn't disappointed! I've sent you an email with a few suggestions of wholesalers to get in touch with. Hope this helps :)

Hi, I will be visiting on

Hi, I will be visiting on Monday 3rd April to look around and get an idea of price as Im making table decs for my daughters wedding on Sat 8th. I will return on Thursday 6th April to purchase flowers. I will be looking for blue hydrangeas, and other pinkish/blue flowers - ranunculi, anemones, peonies and some foliage.
Asking in advance do you think I will be able to purchase hydrangeas - by stem, or I could even buy plants. I know they are not in season but could you recommend a someone that would have them. Really appreciate it.
Thanks Marika

Hi Marika When I was in the

Hi Marika
When I was in the Flower Market this morning I noticed hydrangeas on a few of our wholesalers stands, at Dennis Edwards Flowers, DG Wholesale, Bloomfield and SR Allen. You should be able to buy all the flowers you need for your daughters' wedding, but you can always check with our wholesalers in advance whether they'll have all the varieties you need available by giving them a call. All their details are available on our website here:
Best wishes