Easter Opening Times

24/03/2014 - 18:53

The opening times for both the Flower Market and the Fruit & Vegetable Buyers' Walk over Easter are as follows:

Easter Opening Times
Day Open/Closed
Friday 18 April (Good Friday) Open
Saturday 19 April Open
Sunday 20 April Closed as usual / Sunday Market Open
Monday 21 April (Easter Monday) Both Markets Closed
Tuesday 22 April Open as usual

Please check with your individual wholesaler(s) as their opening hours may differ.

The Main Entrance will remain open on Monday 21 April, so you may still access the Market throughout the day.

If you have any questions please call us on 020 7720 2211 or email info@cgma.co.uk.

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Is covent garden shops and

Is covent garden shops and market open on Easter Sunday please. thank you

Hi Lynda For information on

Hi Lynda

For information on Covent Garden in the centre of town you'll need to visit their website here: http://www.coventgardenlondonuk.com/


Can anyone come to the

Can anyone come to the wholesale market , what is the opening times

Hi Zarak We are a wholesale

Hi Zarak

We are a wholesale market for businesses, however members of the public are able to come as long as they are buying in wholesale quantities.

The Fruit & Vegetable Market wholesalers trade from around 00:00 - 06:00 Monday to Saturday, though some do open and close slightly later or earlier.

The Flower Market's core trading hours are 04:00 - 10:00 Monday to Saturday.

I hope this helps.

Best Wishes