Our customers

We are the market behind every great florist. We're London's inspirational hub for retail florists, floral designers, stylists and interior designers. Here are just some of our many wonderful customers sharing why they love the Flower Market:

Simon J Lycett Ltd

Customer Simon Lycett

"The Flower Market is quite simply an inspirational hub, supplying the best British and imported flowers and foliages, along with a myriad of other essentials." Simon Lycett



Customer Duncan McCabe

"It is so convenient and an inspiration. We would hate to do without the Flower Market. You can buy things on impulse here, spot new varieties, and we have close relationships with our suppliers, who really look after us." Duncan McCabe


Rebel Rebel

Customer Rebel Rebel

"We are pretty promiscuous, we buy all over the Flower Market, from Bloomfield, Dennis Edwards Flowers, DG Wholesale, everyone really." Mairead

"I loved the Market from the start. I still get a thrill whatever the season. On a busy day there is such an abundance of flowers, herbs and foliage" Anthea


Paul Thomas Flowers

Customer Paul Thomas

"I simply can't fathom why some people don't come here. It's inspiring. The flowers are constantly changing. The wholesalers get excited too about the first arrivals of the season or something that's looking particularly good." Paul Thomas


Shane Connolly & Company

Customer Shane Connolly

"Seasonality is really important to me – I don't want that feeling of Christmas all year round. When you cook you want fresh, original, seasonal ingredients. Why should you want anything less from your flowers? I buy British whenever I can. I want flowers that look as though they once grew. I would never buy from a Dutch van, I would rather give up," Shane Connolly


Veevers Carter

Customer Ming Veevers Carter

"We've built great partnerships with traders. It really provides us with everything we could possibly need to design the most amazing creations for our clients." Ming Veevers Carter



Customer Hybrid

"You get to choose flowers and foliages from so many different suppliers and growers, and are often introduced to new and exciting varieties. Our traders will always give us so many options, and that is what keeps us, and the Market, fresh" Caroline


Bloomsbury Flowers

Customer Bloomsbury Flowers

"The Flower Market is incredible, bloody amazing! It's an assault on the senses" Mark and Stephen



Okishima & Simmonds

Customer Okishima & Simmonds

"The Flower Market is a hidden gem. I've been a florist for ten years, but I still see things at the Flower Market that I’d never seen before. It's a great place for spotting the rare and the unusual." Jessica Simmonds



That Flower Shop

Customer That Flower Shop

"I have great relationships with my wholesalers. It takes a while to know who your strong relationships are going to be with. I buy from Pratleys and Zest." Hattie Fox


Zita Elze

Customer Zita Elze

"I never come with a list, I buy things that talk to me. When I am working on a new project, I need to come to the Flower Market for exploration. I always find what I am looking for, especially outside (Foliage Row). I love foliage." Zita Elze


Jay Archer

Customer Jay Archer

"For me, it's the variety of flower and foliage. My regular wholesalers know what I like and will often put bits aside for me and draw my attention to things, as well as always going that extra mile to ensure the service and product keeps me coming back." Jay Archer