Delivery To Your Door

Flower Market Delivered

If you can't get to the Flower Market, let the Flower Market come to you!

Flower Market Delivered is the service designed to save you valuable time and money and to bring you the best New Covent Garden Flower Market has to offer.

Simply place your order for flowers, foliage or sundries with our expert wholesaler in the morning, and your flowers will be delivered to you by courier the following day.

You can call, fax or email with the products you are looking for, and they will pick out the materials for you, carefully package your boxes by hand and arrange for the courier to deliver them to your door anywhere in the UK.

Deliveries start from £9.50 for delivery by 4pm for a box measuring 250cm x 30cm x 30cm (a coffin box) and weighing up to 20kg. For delivery by 12 noon prices start from £12. Ask the listed wholesalers for more information.

To start using Flower Market Delivered now, simply contact one of our wholesalers below:

For flowers: Zest Flowers

For foliage: Porters Foliage

For sundries: C Best