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Guide to the Flower Market

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Why choose New Covent Garden Flower Market?


New Covent Garden Flower Market is simply the biggest and best wholesale flower market in the UK. Several times the size of any other flower market, wholesaler or cash & carry in the UK, we are the ultimate one-stop shop for florists.

New Covent Garden Market - The UK's Number One
New Covent Garden Market - Flowers, Foliage, Plants and Sundries


We pride ourselves on offering everything a florist could possible wish for under our one massive roof! It's all here:

  • the most exciting range of freshly cut flowers and foliages from Britain and around the world
  • incredible houseplants and garden plants
  • the most spectacular selection of sundries, vases and event decoration this side of the Channel.


Why settle for just one wholesaler, when you can have nearly 30? Decades of industry knowledge and expertise and a vast global network of growers make our wholesalers the best possible people to supply and advise your flower business.

New Covent Garden Market - 30+ Expert Traders
New Covent Garden Market - See, touch and smell before you buy


At New Covent Garden Flower Market YOU are in control. You get to choose materials just as you want them from whichever one of the market’s wholesalers you prefer. Why settle for what’s online or in the back of a Dutch van, when you could have the best?


If you're passionate about seasonal British flowers, foliage and plants, then the Flower Market is the place for you. British growers deliver what's looking good fresh from the nursery to our Market specialists throughout the year.

Learn about our first ever British Flowers Week here ›

New Covent Garden Market - British Flowers, Plants and Foliages
New Covent Garden Market - Florists/Customers


The Flower Market is a mecca for florists, interior designers, decorators, stylists, landscapers, garden designers, gardeners, major lifestyle magazines, even production companies, window dressers... and more! Join the 75% of London's professional flower folk and countless from further afield, and start buying at New Covent Garden Flower Market TODAY!

You can see just some of our fabulous Flower Market customers here ›


The Flower Market is right at the heart of London in Vauxhall on the south bank of the Thames, helpfully outside the congestion zone. Access is easy and there is plenty of customer parking.

New Covent Garden Market - Location

Flower Market Opening HoursOpening Hours

The Flower Market's core trading hours are:

4:00–10:00 am
4:00–10:00 am
4:00–10:00 am
4:00–10:00 am
4:00–10:00 am
4:00–10:00 am

Some traders may open and close slightly earlier/later, so please check with your individual wholesaler for their specific opening times.

Please note that not all wholesalers are open on Saturday so please check before coming to the Market.

Flower Market LocationGetting to the Market

Address: New Covent Garden Market, London, SW8 5BH

By car – There are separate entrances for the Fruit & Vegetable Market and the Flower Market, both of which can be accessed from Nine Elms Lane. Please note that the Flower Market entrance closes at 1pm (10am on Fridays) and is not open on Sundays. (For Sat Nav, use the postcode SW8 5BH and this will take you to the Main Entrance).

By rail – Vauxhall Rail Station and Vauxhall Underground (Victoria Line) are only a few hundred yards from the Market.

By bus – Bus routes 156 and 344 (24 hour service) run past the Main Entrance and the Flower Market Entrance on the Nine Elms Lane (A3205) and routes 77, 87 and N87 run along Wandsworth Road (A3036).

Flower Market Entry & ParkingEntry to the Market

If coming by foot then there is no entry fee. There is a £5.00 entrance fee for vehicles payable at the Main and Flower Market entrances. Payment booths are manned at all times when the Market is open.

If you use the Market twice or more a week (on average) then it works out cheaper for you to buy an Entry Permit. Tags purchased between 1 November 2015 – 31 January 2016 will be charged at full price. Tags purchased after 1 February 2016 will be charged at a quarterly rate. Lost and stolen tags are charged at £30 + VAT after the renewal date.

New tag prices are:

Orange (Customer) - £220 + VAT
Brown (Tenant MSCP/UGCP) - £210 + VAT
Purple (Tenant Surface) - £375 + VAT
Yellow (Tenant Commercial) - £300 + VAT

Parking at the Market

Once you’ve paid to enter the Market, parking is free while you carry out your business. There are several car parks on site for both private and commercial vehicles. To see a map of where you can park go here.

NB clampers do operate on site so please make sure you park in the designated car parks only!

Road Traffic System

Please remember that the Road Traffic Act applies to all roads in the Market and that there is a speed limit of 20mph throughout the Market, unless otherwise indicated. Please also be aware of Fork Lift Trucks and pedestrians at all times.

Please go here to download a copy of our Traffic Management Policy.

Flower Market Quantity and PricingQuantity and Pricing

This is a wholesale market, so sales are in wraps, trays, boxes and not by the stem.

Prices are not marked up as they fluctuate according to supply and demand. If you are comparing prices, consider the quality, variety, stem length and number of stems in a wrap. Ask the salesman for his best price, and don’t forget that volume commands better rates. Prices are quoted excluding VAT. There is no minimum purchase.


Cash is still king in the Flower Market, although many traders now accept credit cards and some accept cheques. Payment on account is for established clients only.

Flower Market PortersPorters

If you need help getting your purchases to your car, ask your salesman. He will arrange for a porter to assist you and will advise on the tipping charge, generally around £5.

Flower Market DeliveredDelivery to your door

If you're looking for delivery into Central London and within the M25, then most traders provide this service with their own vans delivering into London every day.

If you're looking for delivery outside the M25, then Flower Market Delivered is your answer!

Flower Market Delivered

Flower Market Delivered is the new service from selected wholesalers designed to save you valuable time and money and to bring you the best New Covent Garden Flower Market has to offer.

Simply place your order for flowers, foliage or sundries with these expert wholesalers in the morning, and your flowers will be delivered to you by courier by 12noon the following day.

To find out more about Flower Market Delivered, go here >

Flower WholesalersFlower Wholesalers

There are currently nearly 20 traders of cut flowers at New Covent Garden Flower Market.

Some source from just a couple of key Dutch exporters, but many more manage extensive networks of suppliers in Britain and overseas. You can see the value of this strategy in the sheer range and quality on offer on their stands.

There you will find varieties you never realised existed in shades to suit any scheme. Traders can track down unusual orders, such as peonies in November from New Zealand, for the client who will not take 'out of season' as an answer!

➊ Pick the flower wholesaler to suit
your business.

➋ Look at their specialism:

  • Is it British?
  • Is it premium quality or short stemmed and cheaper?
  • Is it variety or a core, classic range?

Plant WholesalersPlant Wholesalers

Today, the Flower Market boasts six plant specialists, catering for your every conceivable live plant need.

From British-grown orchids and seasonal bedding plants to houseplants, plants for office contracts, retail sales, interior landscaping and events, seasonal window boxes and garden planters, the Flower
Market’s plant wholesalers have the green answer.

Flower Market traders offer a comprehensive range of plants from British, Dutch, Danish and Italian nurseries in pot sizes from 1L seasonal lines to 50L mature specimens.

As a rule, you buy seasonal potted plants by the tray and larger specimens individually. Feel free to ask the traders for plant care information and seasonal availability.

Foliage WholesalersFoliage Wholesalers

This is not just foliage. This is Flower Market foliage!

Foliage is arguably one of the greatest strengths of the Flower Market. What the two foliage specialists on Foliage Row - GB Foliage and Porters Foliage - offer is a complete revelation.

Banish any thought of foliage as ‘fillers’, for here foliage means a lot more. The changing seasons are reflected most dramatically on Foliage Row, as the fresh colours of spring give way to the rich greens of summer and then to the rich reds and browns of autumn.

Foliage Row is the place to go for seasonal foliage from Britain and mainland Europe - from flowering shrubs and trees in leaf, blossom or berry. Porters’ stand also offers spectacular, fascinating foliages from South America, Australasia and parts of Africa, all kept in peak condition in four different climatic zones.

A must-see for any self-respecting florist!

Sundries WholsalersSundries Wholesalers

The Flower Market is a treasure trove for any designer, stylist, florist, event decorator or flower arranger.

With no fewer than four traders specialising in essential floral sundries - Donovans, Pollard, Something Special and Whittingtons - there is not a design of floral foam, florists’ wire, ribbon, basket, scissor, pin or wrap that you will not find here.

This is the place for floristry glue, plastic trays and bowls, floristry books and magazines, tape and watering cans, beads, bouquet holders, floral bracelets - the list is endless!

And then, towering over a corner of the Flower Market, is the stand of C Best. With 20,000 product lines stocked in volume, they offer the best range of decorative materials this side of the Channel, a price match guarantee and nationwide delivery.

Personal shoppers

If you want to buy from a variety of traders, but can't travel down to the Flower Market in person, try contacting:

Peter Green of Smith & Green
(T 020 7498 2289 www.smithandgreen.com)

Peter is a Flower Market veteran who knows the Market inside out, and uses his established relationships with traders to buy materials in line with your commercial and quality criteria. The products are then carefully packaged and dispatched to your door.

Butties and CoffeeHot drinks and butties

The essential fare of the Flower Market Florist, hot drinks and delicious hot butties are to be found in the Village Café (across the car park from door 7) and at Coffee Break (beneath the Market clock).

Now you just have to decide if you want red or brown sauce...!

It's cold in the Flower Market!It's cold all year round

To ensure that your flowers are kept in perfect condition, the temperature in the Flower Market is kept at 12OC, so remember to wear warm clothes and sensible footwear.