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Fruit & Vegetable Market Report [FEB]

There’s a positive side to the recent fruit and veg crisis – a renewed appreciation of British produce.

Product Profile: Blood Oranges

Courgette crisis. Supermarkets with empty shelves. The news was stuffed with the dire impacts of freezing weather in Southern Europe.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report [JAN]

What food trends might we expect in 2017? Weirder predictions include blue-algae coffee and flours made from pulverised insects.

Product Profile: Chicory

“If there is demand we will follow it,” says Simon Scott of DGM Growers, a large UK company with a reputation for innovation.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report [DEC]

This month, of course, is extra festive. After my trip to the Market, I dragged home a vast bunch of holly and a 6ft Christmas tree.

Grower Profile: Molyneux Kale Company

A picture of Gwyneth Paltrow enjoys pride of place on Chris Molyneux's desk.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report [NOV]

What are they gawping at? Two of the wholesalers are in deep discussion - possibly football or perhaps trying to identify a variety of winter squash.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report [OCT]

Sometimes even the experts are stumped. Here's Les, one of the regular buyers, hunting for background info on some of the first dazzling clementines to hit the market.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report [SEP]

Of all the months, September wins hands down.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report [AUG]

Three British beauties headline this month. First, these perfect Bobby beans from the Wye Valley - love the packaging!