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Fruit & Vegetable Market Report [AUG]

Our scorching early summer is reflected in the topsy turvy colour of Buyers' Walk.

Product Profile: English Cherries

Get your skates on to snap up the last English cherries. These gorgeous fruits arrived a fortnight early this year, with another two weeks of the season left to run.

Fruit & Vegetable Market report [JULY]

Is July the best month? London has been sweltering and the market is bursting with choice.

Grower Profile: Hugh Lowe Farms

Striding across one of their fields, you can see Canary Wharf shimmering in the distance.

Hugh Lowe Farms, established 1893, are local strawberry growers at the top of their game.

Fruit & Vegetable Market report [JUNE]

What’s in the suitcase? A chef’s haul of ingredients for their pop-up supper club. 

Customer Profile: London Zoo

Fussy customers are every chef’s nightmare. But the animals at London Zoo take the biscuit.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report [MAY]

 “It’s a team effort - Scotty does the selling and I do the purveying,” chuckles Danny Johnson of Premier Fruits.

How City Harvest give food another life

“It’s good to share the love,” says Bob Bowers of wholesaler P and I, loading the van with donations.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report [APR]

‘A’ is for April and asparagus – the main arrival this month. Other stars include tomatoes, wild garlic, rhubarb and Jersey Royals.

Product Profile: Health Trends for 2017

In a recent poll of market traders, healthy eating was voted as the number one trend boosting their sales. If you travel across London, it’s not hard to see why. High-end juice bars.