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Customer Profile: L’Anima

"The guys need to be on time and have knowledge of the seasonalities and how to deal with chefs - which is tough, believe me," says Francesco Mazzei, with a glint in his eye.

Customer Profile: Parkway Greens

Parkway Greens, a new grocers in Camden Town, is a business built on the ashes of the economic meltdown.

Customer Profile: Brunswick House

"Last time I did something like this I was balancing a deer and the chef was trying to mount it," chuckles Charles Woodward, as I posed him for a photo.

Customer Profile: Partridges

"We're taking the power back," says Ruth Holbrook, store controller at Partridges, describing her recent switch to buying direct from the Market.

Grower Profile: Nutbourne Nursery

"It was a million to one chance that I would become a commercial tomato grower," says Gary Griffiths, guiding me around his plant-stuffed glasshouses.

Customer Profile: Lamberts

Lamberts Restaurant in Balham is a classy place to enjoy the best of British produce.

Product Profile: Tomatoes

Pasta sauce, soup, chutney, stuffed, roasted, raw... tomato is one of the most versatile ingredients for chefs and a key flavour in many, many recipes.

Customer Profile: Capitan Corelli

The traders here call him 'The Captain'. He's famous for travelling to Market in a golden Rolls Royce.

[VIDEO] Bringing France to New Covent Garden Market with The French Garden

We teamed up with New Covent Garden Market wholesaler The French Garden to visit Brittany, France, to film the journey of

Product Profile: Alliums

Used in enormous quantities on every menu in some form or another, alliums are undoubtedly a best seller at New Covent Garden Market.