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Grower Profile: Plumpton College

Who are the farmers of tomorrow? Here on Buyers' Walk, you seldom cross paths with the young men and women training for a career in food production.

Grower Profile: South West Garlic Farm

"I found my true self doing this," says Mark Botwright, a.k.a. 'The Garlic Farmer', at this remote hillside farm in Dorset. "It's exactly where I should be in life – I'm just happy."

Grower Profile: Smithy Mushrooms

"It's mad how passionate you get about it," says John Dorrian, the largest Shiitake mushroom grower in the UK.

Product Profile: Radicchio

Of all the vegetables, the story of radicchio is most like Beauty and the Beast: a transformation from a wizened mess to an exquisite and on-trend ingredient.

Grower Profile: Koppert Cress

What is the future for micro herbs? A decade or so after they first hit the Market, this popular product is shaking off its image as merely a pretty garnish on the plate.

Product Profile: Christmas Fruit and Vegetables

Here on the Market, the run-up to Christmas is always frenetic – a buzzing build-up of phone calls, orders and deliveries until the festive break.

Product Profile: Fenland Celery

"The phone is just non-stop," says Hamish Mellor, as he checks on early harvests of Fenland celery.

Customer Profile: Lunch Bxd

"We're trying to brighten up your lunchtime – to make healthy food fun and interesting," explains chef Naomi Twigden (pictured below right), co-founder of Lunch Bx

Customer Profile: Steve Moore

"I'm getting two lives in one," says grocer Steve Moore, describing his plans to move to Chile in 18 month's time after 40 years at the Market.

Grower Profile: Growing Underground

The entrance, just a short stroll from Clapham North tube station, barely merits a second glance.