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Customer Profile: Lamberts

Lamberts Restaurant in Balham is a classy place to enjoy the best of British produce.

Product Profile: Tomatoes

Pasta sauce, soup, chutney, stuffed, roasted, raw... tomato is one of the most versatile ingredients for chefs and a key flavour in many, many recipes.

Customer Profile: Capitan Corelli

The traders here call him 'The Captain'. He's famous for travelling to Market in a golden Rolls Royce.

[VIDEO] Bringing France to New Covent Garden Market with The French Garden

We teamed up with New Covent Garden Market wholesaler The French Garden to visit Brittany, France, to film the journey of

Product Profile: Alliums

Used in enormous quantities on every menu in some form or another, alliums are undoubtedly a best seller at New Covent Garden Market.

Customer Profile: Swiss Cottage Grocers

From wholesaling bacon and eggs to driving minicabs and tailoring for Debenhams, it's been an unusual career path into fruit and veg for Aziz Ahsak, 39.

Supplier Profile: Frutas Escobi

It's the sheer scale of the operation that knocks your socks off.

What's on the menu this Christmas at New Covent Garden Market?

For most of us, the Christmas break is all about food – and lots of it. So we asked some Market regulars what they will be eating when they finally put their feet up:

Customer Profile: Darren Cox

Grocer Darren Cox, 44, has decided to learn the saxophone. When I call his mobile on a Monday morning, he's just back from his weekly lesson.

Customer Profile: The Allotment

It's a treat to meet someone just starting out in fruit and veg. After all, many on this Market grew up in the trade.