British Flowers Week Round-up

22/06/2013 - 09:34

What a week it's been! British Flowers Week has been tweeted, facebooked, commented on and generally succeeded in boosting the profile of beautiful British-grown summer flowers and foliage.

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who supported and got involved with British Flowers Week. It really was a wonderful celebration of all things British and floral and we hope you have both enjoyed and been inspired by all the designs, flowers and florists.

Throughout the week, we have worked with some of the best British florists to bring you their stories and floristry expertise to inspire you to work with the best of British from New Covent Garden Flower Market.

British FLowers Week Group Shot, New Covent Garden Flower Market

In case you missed anything, here's a quick snapshot of what's been going on, and links to all the good stuff!

Day One: Paul Thomas and the British Sweet Pea

Paul Thomas, British Flowers Week, New Covent Garden Flower Market

  • Discover the British sweet pea here ›
  • Feast your eyes on Paul Thomas's designs here ›

Day Two: Rebel Rebel and the British Delphinium

Rebel Rebel, British Flowers Week, New Covent Garden Flower Market

  • Discover the British delphinium here ›
  • Feast your eyes on Rebel Rebel's designs here ›

Day Three: Pinstripes & Peonies and the British Stock

Pinstripes & Peonies, British Flowers Week, New Covent Garden Flower Market

  • Read Pinstripes & Peonies's profile here ›
  • Feast your eyes on Pinstripes & Peonies's designs here ›

Day Four: Shane Connolly and British Foliage

Shane Connolly, British Flowers Week, New Covent Garden Flower Market

  • Read Shane Connolly's profile here ›
  • Read our special Product Profile of British foliage here ›
  • Feast your eyes on Shane Connolly's designs here ›

Day Five: Scarlet & Violet and the British Peony

  • Read Scarlet & Violet's profile here ›
  • Feast your eyes on Scarlet & Violet's designs here ›

Your Designs

Your Designs, British Flowers Week, New Covent Garden Flower Market

Two beautiful galleries of pictures you sent us of your designs with British flowers. Simply stunning!

Behind the lens...

A final thank you to our British Flowers Week photographer, who shot the gorgeous photographs that have adorned all our British Flowers blogs. A triumph, Helen!

Helen Jermyn Photography  |

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My college tutor, fellow

My college tutor, fellow students and I came to ncgm on Tuesday morning anticipating seeing great evidence of British Flower week but sadly very disappointed on the lack of demos and obvious presence of British Flowers. I actually asked one wholesaler how many of his stock was British and he didn't have any!! Where did we ho wrong - have we missed read the article or misunderstood where the focus was?? We look forward to hearing from u - regards Pam Adams

Hi Pam - really sorry you

Hi Pam - really sorry you were disappointed. British Flowers Week was about celebrating the season with florists around the country sharing their designs. We had a different flower and designer each day, posted on the website so everyone could enjoy them, not just those who could come to the market.

Unfortunately Tuesdays are always the quietest day of the week and so perhaps
not the best day to visit. If your tutor had told us you were coming we could have arranged a short introduction to the market for you, including looking at those companies who do stock British. Also, please do look at our Flower Market guide which you can download and which highlights all the wholesalers who do stock British flowers with a little union jack.
Again, we are sorry your visit didn't live up to your expectations. We are always happy to show floristry students around so perhaps next time your college can give us a call first?
Helen Evans